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From design and development to quality assurance and maintenance, we excel at custom software development. Our team values transparent communication, efficiency, and good craftsmanship. In every project, we stand right beside our clients to guide, implement and deliver cutting edge solutions.

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End-to-end development

From the business idea to a full project maintenance and support – we can take responsibility for your whole project lifecycle. In addition, we can discuss and implement new features after the development is completed in order to continuously increase the value of the developed solution.
Ensure your app’s success with Product Design Workshops
With a product design workshop, you will lay out all the steps and design goals so your app is ready for any obstacle. Whether you are pitching investors or testing market fit, a product design workshop is essential to a successful development process.
Maintain your application after the development is finished
After our project is completed, we can also assist you with your app’s maintenance. Since our team designed it, it will be quicker and easier for us to fix bugs, update versions, or integrate it with new tools.






“A trusted, long-time partner”

“Espeo has been a trusted, long-time partner for us, who has proved to be highly flexible and responsive to our needs.”

Saila Juuti

Head of Product & Co-Founder
Education Alliance Finland

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Mobile development

Create high-quality applications that follow the latest standards. Our teams implement functionalities with deliberate codebase architecture, which makes adding new features and maintaining apps easier in the long run. User experience is vital for us. It’s not the code alone, which is why we propose the best UI patterns to make users fall in love with your app.
Mobile engineering & native and cross platform development
Our team is proficient in developing native and cross-platform applications. We can advise which fits your business best based on your needs.
Development from scratch or refactoring existing codebases
We have experience in working on popular apps with many users and in refactoring existing codebases. We can fix your app’s stability and help you improve its quality to rank higher on app stores.





“Our cooperation with Espeo Software has been ongoing for more than 10 years.”

“Throughout this time, Espeo has been a reliable and trustworthy partner and a key contributor on the Oikotie mobile apps as well as our Oikotie Työpaikat B2B service allowing companies to efficiently manage job candidates.”
Nicolas Aubry

CTO of Schibsted Finland

Web development

Build single page applications for your business in leading technologies like React or Angular. With a modern JavaScript ecosystem, our highly skilled professionals develop quality solutions. We always help clients choose the optimal technologies for the job, following the best development standards, such as cross-browser compatibility, high performance, accessibility, and security.
Build an app from scratch or update of an existing solution
Whether you’re starting from scratch or upgrading an existing app, we will help you create a digital product that follows industry standards and addresses the needs of your users.
Consult your idea or conduct an audit of your application
Consult your app idea with us in order to gain an understanding of the markets’ implementability. We can also assist you with an audit of your current solution and advise on the recommended updates.





Espeo Software - About Us

“A trusted, long-time partner”

“Espeo has been a trusted, long-time partner for us, who has proved to be highly flexible and responsive to our needs.”

Saila Juuti

Head of Product & Co-Founder
Education Alliance Finland

UX/UI Design

Our refined UX process will help you reach your business goals, optimize your costs, prevent usability issues, and enhance your users’ productivity. We make design decisions based on analytical thinking and trade-off analysis. We design products that are measurable. The interaction design is validated with user testing.
Highly Efficient User Centered Design
Half of your project’ success depends on understanding your users’ needs correctly and validating the prototypes. This is why we use a User Centered Design method that involves users in every stage of the process and a user testing feedback-loop. Over the years, we have refined this process to make it efficient and inexpensive.
Interactive prototyping always included in the development process
We use highly interactive prototypes because we recognize the advantages they offer, such as: more accurate user testing, more detailed design specification, better communication with the product owner and the development team.

“Espeo exceeded our expectations”

“Espeo Software’s UX team provided amazing results within our tight deadline. We needed to have a clear vision of the product in a one month timeframe. Espeo exceeded our expectations and managed to deliver an interactive prototype that is clever, beautifully designed and has a solid value proposition.”

Sahba Hadipour

Founder & CEO

Quality Assurance

Get control over your product’s life cycle, keep an eye on every development stage and be certain that the product quality remains at the highest level. Our QA experts will help you get secure, stable apps with fewer usability issues. We verify the project requirements and suggest improvements if the application isn’t intuitive enough. Three testing levels give you the flexibility to choose the testing plan that’s right for your app.
Tests tailored to your solution

Every project is different. This is why our team chooses the right tests to run on a case-by-case basis. In general the tests we run include: functional testing, performance testing, log/process analysis, usability/accessibility, database testing.

Quality Assurance benefits

Investing in Quality Assurance has a lot of advantages, including: time & money savings, high quality of the code, less to none breakdowns, low maintenance costs, increased product safety.






Hand over your product development

“They excel with a wide array of technologies.”

“Their team successfully built the technology that was necessary for the business to succeed. They excel with a wide array of technologies.”

Peter Korbel

CEO and founder of StoreMe

Extend your development team

Cloud & DevOps

Modern products require modern infrastructure. Run your application in a secure cloud environment, taking advantage of the scalability and cost optimization opportunities. You will only pay for the resources that you use. Let us configure continuous delivery and continuous integration processes for you. Once your product is ready to go to production we also provide monitoring and maintenance services.
Infrastructure as a Code tailored to your projects’ needs
Our team will describe your infrastructure as a code in a human readable language. Moreover, based on your resources and project’s objectives, we will help you decide on the most optimal Cloud provider.
Safe Cloud environment for your app with our continuous support
Our DevOps team will ensure the safety of your application and its data thanks to backups and continuous support. We will also take care of your AWS account so that you don’t have to worry about your app’s performance.





“Feels like they’re part of the team”

“I’m happy with the people who’re working on my project now and it feels like they’re part of the team.”
Taina Mikkola



Software consulting is a process which provides the opportunity to make informed and cost-efficient investment decisions. It is an excellent way for businesses looking to invest in a certain solution to gain an understanding of the markets’ implementability, discover whether there are alternatives to their business idea, and learn how to differentiate themselves on the market and which technology to use in order to achieve the most optimal results.
Consult your idea or audit an existing solution

During a consulting session, we will identify the potential risks and opportunities to ensure the success of your project and advise on the most efficient technology that will support your solution in the long run.

Business Value Assessment workshops
With a BVA workshop, you can identify the right goal-oriented digitization targets for your company to make it easier for you to make decisions that will guide your business. You can download our webinar on the topic here.
Hand over your product development

“Espeo’s approach to project management stands out”

“Espeo’s approach to project management stands out – particularly their use of scrum.”

Jani Kaski

Director of Development, Suomen Suoramainonta Oy

The role, skills, and business impact of software architects on product success

Private blockchain development

For more than three years, we’ve been building solutions for enterprises using the private blockchain Hyperledger Fabric. Blockchains add a level of transparency and efficiency that you can’t get with other solutions and we’ve perfected our network architecture and integration capabilities.
Hyperledger Fabric Certified Service Provider

Espeo Blockchain is the first Hyperledger Fabric Certified Service Provider in Poland. By utilizing the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric, we build practical solutions to common business cases like commissions management, financial settlements, contract validation or master data management.

Hyperledger Fabric advantages

With Hyperledger Fabric, your company can benefit from: greater transparency, increased efficiency, better security, improved traceability.


Hyperledger Fabric





“A professional client-supplier relationship.”

“I felt that we had a professional client-supplier relationship. It certainly was good to have a dedicated project manager following this from Espeo.”
Soren Peter Nielsen

Head of Product, MakerDAO

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