Start your new digital project

Have an idea for a great app? Start a new project and get the most out of it with the right processes in place.
Start your new digital project
Start your new digital project

Start off with a product design workshop.

This workshop gives us a better idea of how to start building your product and also gives you valuable insight in how your IT solution will work. We’ll create the project scope for a minimum viable product, propose the right technologies to use, prepare a backlog and give you an accurate estimate.

Shape your idea

You’ll get everything in a detailed document. Start your product on the right foot and avoid possible mistakes from the start.

Next, we’ll build a team for you matching developers to your specific needs.

Smooth onboarding

Technical skills and personality goes into the decision. You can review developer C.V.s and meet them before we start. In this phase we also get everyone up to speed and align priorities.

Start your new digital project
Start your new digital project

During continuous delivery, we’ll release the MVP

and get feedback from end-users while still designing, developing and testing the application. This way we ensure the highest quality. Since we work with agile methodologies, we set periodic milestones as well as two-week sprints with client involvement.

Communication is a key

We use a range of collaboration tools such as Slack and videoconferencing apps so you’ll have a direct line to the team.


When the project finishes, we’ll also maintain the app throughout its life.

Since our team designed it, it will be quicker and easier for us to fix bugs, update versions or integrate it with new tools.

Finnish service,
Polish development.

Ready team in
a month or less.

project continuity.

Start your new digital project
Education Alliance Finland

Client reference

“Espeo has been a trusted, long-time partner for us, who has proved to be highly flexible and responsive to our needs. As our business has developed, the product has gone through several updates, and each time they have been able to deliver and create solutions that work for the purpose. Although we have worked with several Espeo developers, their quality and professionalism have been constant.”

Saila Juuti
Head of Product & Co-Founder

Are you ready to start your new digital project with us? ​

Are you ready to start your new digital project with us?

Hire a team of experienced project managers, designers, developers and testers.

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