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Start your new digital project

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Start your new digital project


Start off with a product design workshop.

This workshop gives us a better idea of how to start building your product and also provides you with a valuable insight into how your IT solution will work. We’ll create the project scope for a minimum viable product, propose the right technologies to use, prepare a backlog and give you an accurate estimate.


Shape your idea

You’ll get everything in a detailed document. Get your product off on the right foot and avoid potential mistakes from the beginning.

Discover the process

With a product design workshop, you will lay out all the steps and design goals so your app is ready for any obstacle. Whether you are pitching investors or testing market fit, a product design workshop is essential to a successful development process.


Next, we’ll prepare a roadmap following the Agile best practices.

Top-class developers

Polish developers are known for their advanced coding skills, and we make sure that the best of them are working with us. Our teams are all about high efficiency and innovation. You’re sure to find out working with them is a pure pleasure.

Want to know more about Delivery Managers?

Delivery Manager ensures that your needs and expectations always go first. They take ownership of risk management of critical incidents and maintain the high performance level of the team.

Start your new digital project
Start your new digital project


During continuous delivery, we’ll release the MVP

(Minimum Viable Product) and get feedback from end-users while still designing, developing, and testing the application. By doing so, we guarantee the highest quality. Since we work with agile methodologies, we set periodic milestones as well as two-week sprints with the involvement of the client.
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Mobile app update to support growing popularity

At Espeo Software, we always pay special attention to optimizing the user experience among other areas of application development.
Mobile development Testing

Communication is a key

We use a range of collaboration tools such as Slack and videoconferencing apps so you’ll have a direct line to the team.


When the project finishes, we’ll also maintain the app throughout its life.

Since our team designed it, it will be quicker and easier for us to fix bugs, update versions or integrate it with new tools.

Success stories

Read some of our most important case studies and see for yourself why our partners enjoy long-term cooperation with us.

Excellent service,
Polish development.

High-efficient and
innovative teams

project continuity.

Start your new digital project
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If you have an idea for a project but still hesitate to take action, let us help. During a session with our consultant, you will have a chance to find out whether our workshop is the right service for you and your project. You will also gain an insight into how working with Espeo might look like in the future.

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