Extend your development team

Extend your team’s capabilities and focus on what your company does best.
extend your development team

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Extend your development team


To get up to speed and join an ongoing project, our developers have to gain all the necessary insight

into how your current system works. This is vital to get a full picture of your business and the technology expertise which will be needed.

Research & solid plan

Developers joining an existing team do their research and come up with a solid plan to help the team they’re joining.

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Team cohesion is essential for successful software projects.

Smooth onboarding

Fill in your skills gaps easily! With the insights gained over the years, we know what is required for a seamless onboarding process. Through our well-established processes, we get everyone up to speed and align priorities. This way, you can rely on our developers to start working on your project quickly.

Want to know more about Delivery Managers?

Technical skills and personality go into the decision. With the assistance of our Delivery Manager, you get to review the CVs of the developers and meet them before we start.

Extend your development team
Do we really need soft skills as IT professionals?


As the project progresses, you may decide to extend the work or scale up.

Schibsted Oikotie

Mobile app update to support growing popularity

Espeo Software has been cooperating extensively with Schibsted Oikotie for more than 11 years.
Mobile development Testing

Long-term approach

We guarantee that our people stay long-term and bring their constantly evolving knowledge to your teams.


Schedule a free expert session

If you have an idea for a project but still hesitate to take action, let us help. During a session with our consultant, you will have a chance to find out whether our workshop is the right service for you and your project. You will also gain an insight into how working with Espeo might look like in the future.

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