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E-learning platforms are having a moment: How to meet demand in 2020

E-learning platforms are busier than ever as the world's schoolchildren go online for their lessons. Here's what to keep in[...]

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Comparing the cost of internal hire to an outsourced team

Hiring internally or outsourcing your software project is on the minds of businesses everywhere. Now, as the world prepares for[...]

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To avert a service outage crisis — prepare, prepare, prepare

These last few weeks have been a challenge for DevOps teams everywhere. For months everyone watched as the novel Covid-19[...]

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Essential remote working tips for the home office blues

Now that anyone who can work from home is, organizing remote work can be a challenge. Here are our tips[...]

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Intelligent Payments Group success with Espeo Software

Intelligent Payments Group is one of Europe’s largest payment gateways. The platform operates under the EVO Payments umbrella, which acquired[...]

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The case for effective IT outsourcing

In software development, the vision of what exciting features to offer your users often exceeds the budget set aside for[...]

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