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Aki Inkeroinen on Finland and the state of tech in the Nordics

Finland Regional director Aki Inkeroinen talks about the state of innovation in Finland and how outsourcing can fill urgent tech[...]

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Remote software development teams — How to minimize risk

Hemispheres and time zones won’t stand in the way of cooperating with a remote software development team.

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Software Developer Shortage in Finland

If you’ve worked anywhere near the tech industry during the last few years, you must have heard about the software[...]

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Test management tools: A pros and cons look at the best to use

Software development and delivery have to keep up with ever-increasing user demand for speed. Testing processes have to keep up[...]

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Data Visualization best practices in web and mobile Apps

Want to make data visualization the core feature of your next app? Then you are on the right track because[...]

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[Infographic] Communication with a remote development team

Our devs share the best practices for remote development communication for the client - guaranteed to keep both sides happy.[...]

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