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8 reasons to choose time and material for your software project

We do things a bit differently here at Espeo. Delivering the highest value to our clients and their end-users is our biggest priority. Based on our experience creating web and mobile apps, we use a time and material model instead of charging a flat rate like many other software houses.[...]

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Great application development starts with a product design workshop

Many founders fret over whether their application development idea will take off and fill a gap in the market. Having a clear goal to reach and a clickable prototype to build out before you dive in headfirst is essential to product success. Ideas often fail to gain traction because what[...]

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Why and where you should use Node.js

In 2009, Ryan Dahl introduced his side project which had revolutionized the JavaScript world. Since then Node.js is helping businesses in the rapid development of scalable solutions that suit high traffic needs. Furthermore, Node.js has a great developer experience thanks to the Node Package Manager which is the largest open-source[...]

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6 software technologies that will dominate 2020

The end of 2019 is coming. It’s time to sum up this year’s achievements and look ahead. Narrow artificial intelligence, multiexperience are closer than you think.

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Takeaways from the recent HETT show and Healthcare Unblocked

Since Espeo Software is quite active in healthcare technology projects, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to see what’s trending on in this part of the tech scene. I looked forward to checking the climate around blockchain technology adoption and perspectives in the healthcare industry.

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Software outsourcing: Mightifier bets on technology to end isolation and bullying

Building web applications that matter is one of the biggest values for Espeo. Read more.

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