Our Approach

Finnish service,
Polish development.

Ready team in
a month or less.

project continuity.


in all that we do.

Create business solutions with custom software. For more than a decade, Espeo has been connecting Polish developers with Finnish companies. Building expert teams to keep up with innovation in Finland is what we do. Find the right senior developers for your IT project with our help.

More than just code. Our seamless communication and collaboration sets us apart.

Local Finnish support,
remote Polish devs

After 13 years operating in Finland,

a Finnish team on the ground and plenty of [salmiakki] we know how to do business in Finland. As a remote software development company, we respect your personal space and know what good silence sounds like.

With us you’ll have Finnish project managers and Polish developers to work with. That means that you’ll always have a local contact to discuss and advise you during your project — also in person if you’d like. Our Finnish sales and project management team coordinates everything with our Polish delivery to ensure a smooth project. You get the advantages of a local team and benefit from the wide talent pool in Poland.

Average days
to start a project
0 +
on board
Years working with Finnish clients
0 +
Avergage seniority years of developers

Key Team members

Aki Inkeroinen
Managing Director
Espeo Finland
Santeri Muhonen
Business Development
Anton Utriainen
Account Executive
Kyösti Kris Honkola
Senior Digitalization Consultant
CEO & Founder
Head of HR & Founder
Service Delivery Director
Consulting Director


We follow values that shape our activities.

No matter how many projects we deliver, our core values always stay the same. Our values are the heart of our culture, this is how we want to be perceived by our clients and co-workers. It is our way on how we measure the individual sense of accomplishment.
We exceed the expectations of clients and coworkers.

We work as a team achieving our successes and adapt along the way.

We can adjust to new situations and circumstances quickly.
We are responsible for what we say and do.
We respect open and clear communication as well as rules.
Sylwia & Paweł


Once upon a time…

Once upon a time… Sylwia and Paweł Rogowicz lived and worked in Tampere for over 4 years. After working with countless large Finnish enterprises and gaining experience in agile working methods of software development companies, they decided that it’s time to build something on their own. When Sylwia and Paweł returned to Poland in 2008, they founded Espeo with the idea to take the innovative practices from Finland into their company culture and core working methods. They combined the Finnish attachment to agile work and attention to usability with Polish software development talent.

From the very beginning, Espeo’s team wanted to specialize in creating amazing things and deliver dedicated IT systems that make clients into market leaders. Managing director of Espeo Finland Aki Inkeroinen joined in 2015 after working in the Finnish IT industry for more than 20 years at companies like Dell and IBM. He continues to build Espeo’s Finnish presence and co-founded our daughter company Espeo Software Oy.

Besides working with companies from all over the world, Espeo’s focus lies on helping Finnish companies achieve the greatness they strive for.

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