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Career matrix

  • You’re a fast-learning IT student or a self-taught developer
  • Your English at least at B2 level
  • You know the syntax of your primary programming language and can use its core libraries
  • You can write tests
  • You use basic commands in Git and Linux
  • You write testable code and use TDD and SOLID principles
  • Your knowledge of frameworks allows to develop web and REST applications
  • You are a self-reliant developer
  • You can develop software in more than one language
  • You can advise on a useful and aesthetic solution
  • You already have a few years of sound experience in software development
  • You are an advanced practitioner of TDD, XP and Code Review
  • You apply a full range of tests within a project (unit, integration, e2e) and can automate them
  • You've led a project team more than once and as a Team Leader and/or Scrum Master
  • You lead meetings with clients, can successfully examine their needs and propose specific solutions
  • You are a desirable dream-member of every team
  • You can carry out a project's audit and evaluate the quality of code
  • You improve existing solutions and introduce new ways of solving problems
  • You estimate various projects regardless of their type or technology
  • You've got extensive experience in leading a team


IT Recruiter

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IT Recruiter

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