Software consulting. Why you need it

Make an informed decision that will ensure
the success of your digital product in the long run

Gain an understanding of the solution’s feasibility, discover whether there are alternatives of handling your business case and learn how to differentiate yourself on the market and which technology to use in order to achieve the optimal results.

The benefits of software consulting include:

There are many faces to software development consulting. This is why it is important to consult your product idea with professionals with board experience. Some of the benefits of software consulting include:
Investing in digital solutions that were previously consulted has a much higher chance of success. This is because the consulting phase identifies and discusses in detail potential risks and opportunities.
Consulting workshops
In software consultancy, the consultant draws on knowledge from many different sources and sometimes collaborates with other subject matter experts, providing the client with broad valuable insights.
Consulting workshops
A consulting workshop creates a thread of understanding between the client and the software development provider – there are few uncertainties after the workshop. Both parties are aware of the risks and opportunities, as well as the order in which the various stages of the project should be completed.
Consulting workshops
Software consulting workshops offer the flexibility of choosing the vendor who will be in charge of developing the final software. This is possible due to detailed deliverables that are produced during the consultancy process.

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Consult your idea or audit an existing solution

During a consulting session, we will identify the potential risks and opportunities to ensure the success of your project and advise on the most efficient technology that will support your solution in the long run.


Business Value Assessment workshops

With a BVA workshop, you can identify the right goal-oriented digitization targets for your company to make it easier for you to make decisions that will guide your business. You can download our webinar on the topic here.
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Our team developed the platform and implemented its unique two-stage funding system, including currency conversions.

Media industry Development Consulting

We completely reworked some of the old code from the previous developers to bring it up to current standards as well as sorting out technical debt. The main work was around the implementation of 2-stage crowdfunding functionality into the platform.

The first stage was all or nothing and was geared to short term minimum funding. The second stage was supportive and was meant for long term stretch funding. If a project was in stage 2, it had been successfully funded and the project creator would be able to keep any funds they raised. The innovators could start working with the funds during stage 2 since funds would be transferred at the end of stage 1 and stage 2. A goal for them was provided to hit in stage 2 to help with stretch planning.


Diagnostics-as-a-service application to detect drugs in a matter of minutes

Healthcare industry Development UX/UI Design Consulting

BioMensio’s handheld readers and fluid cartridges quickly analyze human saliva for illicit drugs. Users first load a fluid cartridge with the test sample and the application detects illicit drugs or other substances.

Results are then securely stored to the BioMensio analytics database for easy data access. This allows, for example, law enforcement to test suspects on the spot rather than sending test samples to external laboratories.

Of course, the entries are anonymized statistics of different variables such as location, drugs, person, etc. One of the business challenges was to create a system that will securely store data and provide user management solutions. This data is also exchanged with legacy customer information systems. Sensitive data is shared only with the restricted group of users.


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We offer workshops for product design and specification. There is often a business and system analytical phase at the beginning of the project to make sure every aspect of requirements is understood in the same way by us and the client. During project development, the Delivery Manager and Product Consultant are working with the team to manage scope, and its adjustments as well as to clarify issues as they may arise. As per workshops, our experienced specialists spend up to 19 days working with the client to build a high-fidelity prototype. The process includes working not only with the client team, but often also with potential end-users.

We do it thoroughly, by starting with a good understanding of the project’s scope. While estimating timelines we take into consideration time for the project, organization, and development, including requirements clarification, work organization like meetings, testing and deployment.

During the workshops or in the project planning phase the technology landscape is analyzed and audited if needed. We focus on understanding the existing APIs and frameworks, their role, and must-have, should-have, nice-to-have integration elements. The goal is to integrate smoothly as well as not duplicate system logic and operations if currently used systems provide them.

Each solution is somehow unique, that is why this is tailor-made software, but look for the similar industry, domain, modules, security level, challenges, or technology.
With that in mind review the experience presented on our website.

For custom-made software, all rights are transferred to the client. We care for all people engaged in work and creating IP (intellectual property) to follow company rules and our service agreement guarantees that code and other deliverables are free from IP claims.