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UX/UI Design

SISAA is a platform that is inspired by human interaction and delivered by technology. Based on over 200 years of accumulated experience in private banking, asset management and technology, its mission is to create a digital wealth management ecosystem, as a ​secure gateway to an existing and future banking relationships and trading platforms.​


The “mass affluent” investor is typically unserved or underserved

resulting in often occurring investment losses or missing investment opportunities. The investor community in general and mass affluent in particular, share two common traits:

• They do not have enough time to evaluate every investment opportunity.
• They do not trust any new platforms.

SISAA’s aim is to overcome the above challenges, providing intelligence rather than knowledge, allowing investors to make investment choices based on bespoke and timely market intelligence.

SISAA is not acting as custodian of the investments or the investor’s cash. It relies on advanced integration technologies to connect client’s existing banking and trading platforms in order to create an omni-channel powerful platform to serve the mass affluents similar to services received by UHNWI’s via their private banking relationship managers.


Our role was to design an innovative investment app that is inspired by real human-to-human luxurious private banking experience.

We were also in charge of conducting a Product Design Workshop and designing the content and graphic design for the landing page.

Our approach

We started with defining a value proposition and the strategy.

Then, we kicked-off rapid UX/UI design work to meet the tight deadline. We delivered a hi-fidelity prototype in less than a month.

What is more, we organized a series of weekly meetings that guided the client’s strategic business decisions. We clarified the value proposition, agreed to a target market, key competitors, and key differentiators.

At the end, we assembled the conclusions in a PowerPoint strategic brief. As the CEO of SISAA is an experienced financial consultant and a wealth manager himself, we conducted a series of in-depth interviews with him which provided ultimate inspiration for the whole product design. Before jumping to pen & paper, we created a text story about the user journey and his perspective and expectations about the app features.
Later, we created an interaction design that addressed all the features in the user journey description. Because of the tight deadline we couldn’t test this with users but it allowed us to move fast with the stakeholders approval. As a result, we reduced the amount of back and forth. Our goal, which we achieved along the process, was to create a UI that feels premium without being exclusive or extravagant.


Adobe XD


Adobe AfterEffects


Adobe Photoshop



As a result of our work, we created a new mobile app inspired by true wealth management experience.

In order to help the SISAA team to showcase its prototype to the world, we designed a responsive landing page following our product visual language. We also prepared video materials with voiceovers.


Client reference

“Espeo Software’s UX team provided amazing results within our tight deadline. We needed to have a clear vision of the product in a one month timeframe. Espeo exceeded our expectations and managed to deliver an interactive prototype that is clever, beautifully designed and has a solid value proposition.”

Sahba Hadipour
Founder & CEO

SISAA - Client reference
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