Product Design Workshop materials

Until the product idea is refined, you run the risk of launching a project with unknown scope or a designer’s product vision that doesn’t align with the client’s vision. At Espeo, we make sure that whatever we design, helps you with your business goals, optimizes your costs, does not have usability issues and lets users be more productive.

We make that happen with product design workshops which are essential in the web development process. Download our resource and learn more about our approach.


"Very often, when we conduct workshops with real users, we discover something new that was not included in the previous assumptions. These discoveries often change the project priorities - if we skipped the workshops and continued designing without this stage, we would only waste time and money."

Maciej Sawicki

Lead UX Designer at Espeo Software

Product design workshops provide significant benefits to your business and the development team by ensuring that the final product realizes key business goals and delivers a top-notch experience for your users.

We have put together a folder full of informative resources that will help you understand the value that product design workshops can bring to your company.

Download the resource