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Inspiration hits us all from time to time. But making the jump from a great business idea to a working application takes a great team. StoreMe did just that together with Espeo Software. StoreMe is a mobile app that lets travelers safely store their luggage at verified points in cities across the U.S. and Canada. Whether users are on a long layover, or just have an afternoon to explore, travelers don’t want to carry around heavy bags. The service uses location data and an intuitive map to guide users to safe places to leave their luggage, freeing them to explore the city without the hassle. Small shops and corner stores can participate as verified hosts and take a cut of the storage fee. It’s a win-win for everyone. Espeo developers built the MVP and launched it ahead of its debut in U.S. cities.

Convenient storage for city explorers

StoreMe’s main challenge for us was to create a platform that connects individuals looking for convenient short-term storage with local businesses ready to make space available. 

One of the company’s challenges was to assure users that the drop-off points are safe.
Rigorous vetting and user reviews help keep the service running smoothly. At a more technical level, the app had to use location data and present it in a user-friendly way.
Our role

Useful apps for frequent travelers

The aim was to create a mobile app for Android and iOS. Initially, the client was set to use React Native technology. We built a backend system in order to create a proper marketplace service. The system also allows managing locations, prices varied based on the city/state. The system works as a SaaS which means any location can become the so-called “hosts” which share their space to store luggage.

Creating a React Native mobile app for two different platforms (iOS and Android) still when React Native is a new technology took some expertise.

Another one was to guarantee the appropriate efficiency of the mobile app to have a real-time display of all possible locations in the vicinity. 

Furthermore, the implementation of the service price estimate model of StoreMe, connected with the length of time of the storage, acknowledging discounts, taxes and dividing the profit between the host and the StoreMe platform operator.

React Native





Store your bags with confidence

Our team delivered a seamless application currently running in major cities across the United States and Canada.
Espeo received the designs and concept and built out the application from scratch. There were three full-stack developers, a tester, and a project manager working together with the StoreMe team throughout development. We built the mobile app, web app for hosts, and created the system infrastructure powered by AWS before finally testing for usability.

Client reference

Their team successfully built the technology that was necessary for the business to succeed. They excel with a wide array of technologies. Knowledgeable and creative, their team was able to answer all questions and cooperated well.

Peter Korbel
CEO and founder of StoreMe

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