How to run professional ICO on Stellar (for developers)

How to run professional ICO on Stellar (for developers)

ICO on Stellar

The aim of this workshop is to show how basic “smart contracts” on the Stellar blockchain work. The workshop will also present how to easily create assets on top of the Stellar blockchain and how the external applications can operate on those assets. 

Created by Espeo Software & Espeo Blockchain

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Head of Blockchain at Espeo. Experienced blockchain consultant with strong technical background especially in Java-related back-end technologies (JavaEE multitier distributed and highly concurrent systems, cloud computing, mobile systems as well as systems integration and low-level protocols designs) with certificate “Sun Certified Programmer for the Java”. Has deep understanding of integration techniques (distributed systems and cross-platforms local communication) and IT system architectures


  1. Technical introduction to Stellar
  2. How to create the Stellar token
  3. How to offer the (locked) tokens in private investment round
  4. How to offer the tokens in the public sell
  5. Implementation of vesting period
  6. Stellar Decentralized Exchange
  7. StellarPort wallet integration
  8. Stellar SDK


  • Basics of programming in any OOH language (JavaScript, Java, Go, C#, Ruby, Python, Scala).
  • Working Java or JavaScript IDE/environment

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July 28th (Saturday) 2018; start at 10:00 A.M.




Espeo Software, Wroniecka 18/5 Poznań