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Is web application testing worth the expense?

Recently, I have been asked a very interesting question. How can we prove to our clients that testing is money[...]

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9 tips on design for fintech apps

Fintech applications have been the subject of revolutionary development over the last few years, as many companies have adopted employed[...]

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8 reasons to choose time and material for your software project

We do things a bit differently here at Espeo. Delivering the highest value to our clients and their end-users is[...]

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Great application development starts with a product design workshop

Many founders fret over whether their application development idea will take off and fill a gap in the market. Having[...]

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Takeaways from the recent HETT show and Healthcare Unblocked

Since Espeo Software is quite active in healthcare technology projects, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to see what’s trending on[...]

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Software outsourcing: Mightifier bets on technology to end isolation and bullying

Building web applications that matter is one of the biggest values for Espeo. Read more.

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