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What's in store for the edtech market in 2020

The market of educational technology is rapidly expanding with numerous apps appearing every day, but also the market quickly puts[...]

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Mobile app success and how to measure it

After creating an awesome mobile App, the next thing is to measure its performance. This comes after your app has[...]

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5 vital traits of a great product owner (from the dev team perspective)

Ask ten project managers what the ideal product owner looks like, and you’ll get ten different answers. This vital role[...]

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Measuring the effects of a digital transformation

Digital transformation is a tough term to pin down. Ask ten people what they think it means, and you’ll likely[...]

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Now or never: digital transformation for uncertain times

Digital transformation is more important now than ever. Finding ways to adapt and optimize your business is key to continued[...]

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Comparing the cost of internal hire to an outsourced team

Hiring internally or outsourcing your software project is on the minds of businesses everywhere. Now, as the world prepares for[...]

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