Przemysław Koper, Vladyslav Kanstyr and Dominik Zyskowski in formal attire posing for a photograph at an event with a backdrop displaying logos of various sponsors. The man in the center is holding an award titled "11:FS AWARDS 2023". They are all smiling and appear to be in a celebratory mood.

Espeo Software wins Fintech for Good prize at the 11:FS Awards

Written by: Espeo Crew

We are thrilled to announce that Espeo Software’s project for the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine – FactoringUA, has been honoured with the 11:FS Award in the Fintech for Good category.

FactoringUA has facilitated access to over €100 million in international factoring without recourse. It tackles the financing gap that 80% of Ukrainian exporters now encounter. The Reform Support Team and Espeo Software developed the platform as part of a Tech to the Rescue initiative.

Przemysław Koper – CEO, Vladyslav Kantsyr – Senior PM at The Reform Support Team, Dominik Zyskowski – Consulting Director | Accepting the award at the 11:FS Awards

Espeo Software’s contribution was pivotal to the project. We developed a user-friendly platform with automated registration, a unique VAT validation system, and robust cross-border invoicing capabilities. We delivered the platform within a tight deadline of four months. If you would like to learn more about this project, please head to our FactoringUA Case Study.

Przemysław Koper: “I want to dedicate this award to everyone out there working to keep Ukrainian businesses afloat and to my crew at Espeo Software. […] We feel honoured to be a part of this fantastic fintech community.”

Przemysław Koper, CEO at Espeo Software, accepted the award with Vladyslav Kantsyr, Senior Project Manager at the Reform Support Team. While on the stage, they both underscored the challenges that Ukrainian exporters face.

Vladyslav Kantsyr: “Despite all the challenges and obstacles we have with the war, we do believe that in the future you will hear more and more stories like this from Ukraine.”

The 11:FS Awards is an annual ceremony which recognizes people, brands and products that move the financial industry forward. This year’s winners included, among others: Chase, Nude and Stripe.

11:FS graphic announcing the winner in the Fintech for Good category