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How to build a secure and customer-friendly online payment solution

A well-integrated and user-friendly online payment solution offers benefits for both provider and customer. Here are some things you should[...]

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Scale up
with Technology! Use technology
to grow your business!

Check out how we helped an innovative media business to grow and scale through technology!

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Recurring payments vs. subscription

With the rise of digitization and e-commerce, the demand for flexible payment options has also increased. Some businesses and customers[...]

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Lending in transition: What's driving lending application development?

The lending scenario across the world has experienced a radical transition from traditional financing to tech-based mechanism providing consumers faster,[...]

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5 fintech companies you should watch in 2020

Here's a list of some of the most promising fintech companies to watch in 2020

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Micropayments discovered: Micro power in fintech

Micropayments are opening up new models of how we inform and entertain ourselves. Subscription fatigue is setting in and content[...]

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