Scale up with Technology! Use technology to grow your business!

Scale up with Technology! Use technology to grow your business!

Check out how we helped an innovative media business to grow and scale through technology!

Watch the interview with Mikael Johnson – CTO at Pressdoor and see how we’ve helped the company to develop a cutting-edge solution and meet new trends that reshape the traditional media enviroment.

Espeo’s client success story

Launched in 2018, the innovative Finnish media company Pressdoor realized the trend of how online content is consumed and established a way to meet the demands of readers without neglecting the golas of publishers.

Pressdoor is a fast end easy way to purchase news and other content per click. The aim is to monetize published content also with other readers than the full subscribers. Thanks to the adoption of micropayments readers will be able to pay for acces to a single article or a package of articles. This kind of service is accessible for all medias as well as independent content providers.

The team of Espeo has been instrumental in helping Pressdoor to achieve their business goals of creating serious cash-flow for publisher, by creating a browsing app for mobile and other devises which operates the complicated flow of micropayments.

Paweł Rogowicz – Managing Director

“We always start our projects with a consultancy phase. We strive to get a deep understanding of our client’s KPIs and goals. We believe what differentiates us from a standard software house and keeps our clients working with us for years is how we initiate the project and how we work hand-in-hand with the client during the whole realization phase. First, we identify the expectations and obstacles on the client’s side and when we have capitalized on this knowledge, we provide solutions as an outcome of a profound understanding of customer’s business goals. To follow this model we use many customized tools like our product design workshop.

Meet the expert

Dominik Zyskowski – Software Consulting Director

Seasoned consultant and project manager with 15 years of experience and dozens of completed software projects led for companies all around the world. With great focus on client perspective and a business-oriented approach he perfectly combines business owner’s expectations with possibilities that come up with adopting new technologies to foster growth.

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