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What to expect from the Edtech market?

Jacob Dunn

The market of Educational technology is rapidly expanding with numerous apps appearing every day, but also the market quite quickly puts them to the test by allowing only the best ones to thrive. Technology at schools is widely used to spark creative thinking in young people, who have been born into the era dominated by computers and smartphones. It has become a real challenge to show students the potential and countless solutions technology carries. The fierce competition seeks assistance on the part of teachers, parents and, naturally, students who evaluate an app which aspires to take over the market. The school is often viewed as a fossilized environment, which falls behind the newest trends in this sector,  hence the adoption of technology in the learning process may change that. So, what is now happening on the Edutech market?


What Edutech trends are there on the market?

We have already got used to the fact that technology has entered education and that more and more apps can help the teaching process regardless whether it is mathematics, geography or foreign languages (vocab learning apps have become very popular). What’s more, children and students are chained to technology especially when it comes to gaming or social media, so it is up to teachers and parents to show the educational potential that are just under their fingertip. One of the newest trends in Edutech is to reach out to the youngest, pre-school kids, and familiarize them with what a smartphone or a computer can really do and how it will develop their interests and exploit their potential. Pre-schools and early education establishments (i.e. day cares) have become of interest to app designers who see the opportunity to fill the market niche. Bringing together kindergarten children with technology, though may seem risky, can be profitable in the future but it depends on a close cooperation between educators and app designers to prepare the best possible product. So, here are some hot app on the market right now.


Tiny App – one app, many fuctions

Everyone who works in a business environment knows how difficult it is to follow deadlines, answer emails, and keep the schedules updated. School environment is no different and a great deal of planning is done by school administrators and educators; they plan curricula, contact parents, and schedule teacher-parent meeting. And this is where technology comes in handy.

TinyApp, according to its creators, “is an application that allows teachers and schools to collect data such as daily pedagogical activities, test scores, or attendance in a structured way – the app not only allows to perform administrative duties easier and faster, but also allows to track the records, and progresses of kids’ development”. Not only does it help administer the duties but improves daily communication with the family; the app is equipped with calendars and reminders so the parents know what is planned for their children. On top of that, the app has improved parent-teacher communication which directly influences the child’s education as it allows to create an individual educational plan which can be co-created with the parents. Technology tries to predict and remedy difficulties before they even occur.


Don’t know which app to choose? – Kokoa will help

With so many apps on the market dedicated to learning how can we know which one is worthwhile. The search for the app that will really meet our expectations turns into a trial and error experiment. Kokoa is a solution that will help make the decision as it puts Edutech apps to a test and checks for the users whether it fulfills the promises. Once it does, an app is approved and certified but what is important is that Kokoa created by educators and designers, people who are experts in the field.

Kakoa creators  “are measuring and assessing the pedagogical impact of Edutech solutions. So we help schools find the kind of solutions that suit their needs best. We conduct pedagogical evaluations and issue certificates for high-quality products and how schools are benefiting from our work is that mainly they go to our catalogue of certified products and they find good quality products from there”. Kokoa is on the lookout for technological development but the true reason for this is to spot, acknowledge and promote the pedagogical dimension of technology.

Kakoa as a rating application needs to question the app about its educational potential. Both VR and AI can be used to develop solutions facilitating the learning process especially for those students and pupils struggling with learning disabilities and difficulties. Technology allows young people to put their theoretical knowledge into practice, such as programming robots, building robots, composing songs, making movies, or making various kinds of creative projects; technology has long ceased to be limited only to word processor and an internet browser, but it requires teacher commitment and creativity to notice it.


Inscripta – a note-taking assistant

Today’s fast pacing world requires students to be able to take and process notes as fast as possible. Inscripta answers this need, this every neat and smart dictation app not only records but also transcripts and transcribes them, and what is more it can be done in any language because the application is able to learn new vocabulary and recognized new languages. The will prove extremely helpful in university environment, lectures and conferences, but also while brainstorming and working on various school projects. Note-taking has never been easier.

What to expect from the Edtech market?

Espeo and Edutech solutions

Espeo’s is widely praised for its communication skills so a great deal of attention has been paid to this aspect. “Communication from your side to our direction works very well. Even though it’s like two different companies that are collaborating in this project. I think that the team that the developers and the producer from our side feel like they are one team and one unit that works together to develop the software” Kakoa’s spokesperson said.

Espeo understands clients’ needs and tries to respond to these expectations, our openness is highly praised by our customers “We wanted to find a reliable, cost-efficient and fast way to go forward. So we started to look for how we would reach our goal and then Espeo came as one of the options”, TinyApp said. We assist our partners every step of the way “it was just so much easier to get started. It was clearly defined what we needed to do. It’s easier to have an external partner do that and start getting on that immediately versus us trying to find ourselves a developer”.


What does the future hold for Edutech?

The world that we live in is changing very fast, it is a cliché nevertheless a true one, and everyone is a bit scared what the future holds for us and our children. Education systems are also changing to prepare youngsters to live in this complicated world. Schools have noticed that testing and examinations are not the best way to check students’ knowledge – assessment is the key, tracking the progress throughout the whole school year, allow for peer feedback  and learn from mistakes along the way. From a pedagogical point of view, this is crucial and very beneficial. The assessment will be done through technology because it is the only solution which allows real time and continuous teacher-student-parent contact. Edutech will change schools and general approach to the learning process.


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