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What's in store for the edtech market in 2020

The market of educational technology is rapidly expanding with numerous apps appearing every day, but also the market quickly puts[...]

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Software outsourcing: Mightifier bets on technology to end isolation and bullying

Building web applications that matter is one of the biggest values for Espeo. Read more.

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Espeo Software Oy officially opens in Helsinki, deepening our commitment to the Finnish market

Espeo Software has opened a local LLC in Finland to better serve our long-time clients there and to make it[...]

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Scale up
with Technology! Use technology
to grow your business!

Check out how we helped an innovative media business to grow and scale through technology!

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CEO of TinyApp, Taina Mikkola on big edtech trends

Major edtech trends are changing early childhood education for the better. We sat down with TinyApp CEO Taina Mikkola to[...]

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On innovative changes in the edtech industry - Interview with Olli Vallo, CEO KOKOA STANDARD

Education and training are continually undergoing a tech revolution. What these revolutions will be based on, we tried to explain[...]

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