Espeo Software Oy officially opens in Helsinki, deepening our commitment to the Finnish market

Espeo Software Oy officially opens in Helsinki, deepening our commitment to the Finnish market

Espeo Software has opened a local LLC in Finland to better serve our long-time clients there and to make it easier than ever to work with us. With more than thirty Finnish clients under our belts, the Nordic country has been among our most valued markets for over a decade. Our local team now has fewer hurdles to jump to work with our Finnish partners. It’s where Espeo was born and we’re returning to our roots. 

Eleven years ago, founders, Paweł and Sylwia Rogowicz launched Espeo Software after studying in Finland and working in several Finnish software houses. They saw an opportunity to connect Polish developers with the urgent IT demands of Finnish startups and enterprises. The work culture they experienced there — one that prizes direct communication and flat management structure continues to influence Espeo everywhere we’re now present. 
Since those early days, Finland has continued to be a major market for Espeo Software and our opening of a local LLC only deepens our commitment to delivering pragmatic digital solutions to Finnish companies in the payments, healthcare, educational technology, and media sectors. This Finnish entity establishes a local technical presence and brings us closer in line with Finnish electronic invoicing while still delivering the same nearshore Polish development team we’ve done for the past eleven years.
Aki Inkeroinen, general manager of Espeo Software Oy pointed out that Finnish companies prefer a local presence in Finland partly to streamline invoicing and partly to be sure that IT partners meet their expectations. It sweetens the deal making working with Espeo more attractive. 
“The basic thing,” said Inkeroinen, “is that we can better serve the Finnish clients that we have and attract others. The key thing is that when we have a local company, we can better cooperate with local partners here in Finland but also we can have electronic invoicing. The expectation with Finnish clients is that we are able to comply with the normal Finnish working model.”
Petri Laaksonen, project manager for Finland coordinates tasks and serves as the point of contact between developers in Poland and Finnish clients. Our local technical presence ensures we meet our client’s standards.
“Finnish companies,” said Inkeroinen, “expect that we open a local company here. For their partnerships with software houses, they have partner morals and they expect the company is local. We have been working with Finnish customers for eleven years, but officially we have not been able to fulfill many of their partnership rules that require a local presence and local company, but now we fulfill this. Finnish companies prefer the ease of electronic invoicing that meets Finnish tax law to invoicing in other jurisdictions. It’s just one more step toward deeper cooperation here.” 
We’re pleased to be returning to our roots in Finland by opening a local LLC there while still connecting Polish tech talent with innovative Finnish firms.

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