Before You Start Outsourcing Software Development [Checklist]

Before You Start Outsourcing Software Development [Checklist]

Written by: Martyna Żegota, Content Marketing Manager (article update)

The right questions to ask before you start outsourcing software development

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Learn what are the best questions to ask your potential software provider

What questions should I ask my potential software outsourcing partner? How do I evaluate an outsource development team? How should we setup the work with an IT outsourcing company? If we had a dollar for every time we came across such a question!

In fact, all these have been taken verbatim from one our fave platforms, Quora. And all of them have a common denominator. The fear that outsourcing might turn out to be a terrible experience if you don’t ask the right questions first. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Because we’ve put together a checklist guaranteed to help you out.

Before You Start Outsourcing Software Development (Checklist)

How do we know these are the right software outsourcing questions to ask?

We’ve been in the IT business for 13 years now, and we’ve been a nearshoring partner, a local partner, and an outsourcing vendor. We know the theory, and we’ve done the practice. We’ve worked with and had hours of conversations with people who were just as concerned as you are right now. These are the questions we’ve been asked. To be honest, these are the questions we want to be asked! The requirements are important to us too. It goes both ways – that way we both know if we’re a good match.

So, this is what we’ve come up with. Before you start a software outsourcing partnership, check the guys out… thoroughly.

Download the ebook and ready to print checklist.

And now to you – is there anything you’d add? Any particularly bad software outsourcing experiences that made you rethink your choices? We’d love to know!

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