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How to successfully organize remote teams and ensure productive cooperation

Now that anyone who can work from home is, organizing remote work can be a challenge. Here are our tips[...]

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How to make a great product with a remote development team

Building an in-house development team is a long and often pricey process. Skills shortages often require firms to look abroad[...]

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How to Scale Your Startup for the Win

We've recently led great Arctic15 workshops on startup scaling. But why keep all the knowledge to ourselves and the Arctic[...]

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Before You Start Outsourcing Software Development [Checklist]

What questions should I ask my potential outsourcing partner? How do I evaluate an outsourced development team? Our checklist is[...]

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Software Team Efficiency: Team Velocity

We'll start our unonfficial 'software team efficiency series' with a closer look at team velocity: an agile concept that allows[...]

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How To Deliver a Great Product With Remote Software Teams: A Practical Guide

How do you lead a remote software team? How can you make a project successful with this set-up, and make[...]

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