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[Infographic] Big Data Benefits For Smaller Businesses

Natalia Brzozowska

Big Data is a hot topic, but less frequently mentioned in relation to small and medium businesses. But the times are changing! See how your startup can benefit from precise data analysis, and what methods you can use.

Big Data has long seemed like a buzzword reserved for enterprises and large-scale projects. While discussions of what makes an ideal Data Scientist or how crime data can be used for predictions are fascinating, it’s the everyday practice that’s important to the entrepreneur. Indeed, more ideas are cropping up for regular startups, especially those focused on growth and scaling up. TechRepublic shares two success stories: and the businesses weren’t even software-based! CIO points to more precise ideas, such as improving email marketing or choosing a new location.

We’ve already written about Big Data from a strictly technological perspective. However, the question remains – how can you utilize Big Data solutions for your company? We’ve looked at a few commonly asked questions, we’ve done some research, and selected a few areas where data could yield good results.

Importantly, Big Data can help you get more info about your customers and, consequently, enable you to tailor your solutions. It can aid in managing relations with your clients, and allow you to create new opportunities. There are also ways of optimizing your processes and keeping your data safe. Take a look at some solutions geared towards achieving a better performance – and getting your ROI. How can a particular solution work tech-wise? Ask us! We’re open, get in touch via the box below 🙂

[Infographic] Big Data Benefits For Smaller Businesses