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A practical guide to a great product with remote software teams

How do you lead a remote software team? How can you make a project successful with this set-up, and make[...]

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Project Management Checklist: Before You Start

Our project management checklist is designed to help you start a software project just right - no pitfalls and problems[...]

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Project management tips for ongoing projects

An infographic with some great tried and tested project management tips for handling ongoing projects. If you tick all those,[...]

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Client’s engagement in an application development project? What involvement is needed for successful delivery?

Software projects not only need engagement from a development team, but also from the client. A client should be ready[...]

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Why Your Startup Doesn't Need a CTO

Yes, that’s what we’re saying. Your startup really doesn’t need a CTO. We think a dedicated Product Owner + team[...]

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Software Team Efficiency: Team Velocity

We'll start our unonfficial 'software team efficiency series' with a closer look at team velocity: an agile concept that allows[...]

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