Project Management Checklist: Before You Start

Project Management Checklist: Before You Start

Managing a project is no easy task. What makes it even harder is that if you omit or downplay an important step early on, the hurdles start mounting later. Our ‘starter’ checklist is designed to help you avoid such pitfalls and tricky situations. We’ve also made a checklist for ongoing projects to help you get organized.

Project management checklist: or the Project Starter

We’ll be honest: this project management checklist was first created for our internal use. However, we’ve decided there’s too much solid advice for it to stay on Google Drive. Because we know this works. It’s based on years of our PM experience. After all, there’s more to a real software house than just code! Great project managers deserve ‘ninja’ and ‘rockstar’ titles of their own.

The “project starter” is our guarantee that the project will be kicked off in the best way possible, and no important issue will be omitted. The list has been divided into several fields, though there is a chronological feel to it as well, the sequence is not necessarily set in stone.

We’ll be returning to this topic with another checklist! Next time, we’ll talk about what boxes you need to tick off with an ongoing project. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check our other agile and management resources.

What tips do you have for project management, especially at early stages? Let us know in the comments!

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