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[Infographic] Why a Product Owner is Better Than a CTO

Natalia Brzozowska

We’ve written a longer article on why having a CTO is greatly overrated when it comes to both current and new product development. Startups simply need a PO much more. We’d like to show you the main arguments on a handy infographic.


New product development with a PO

A Product Owner is an indispensable part of Agile processes. It is his or her responsibility to consider which activities will produce the most business value. In short, a PO provides direction: and functions as the link between the team and the CEO and investors. The CTO usually determines the how, however, the results may not always be stellar.

At Espeo, we’ve completed a number of projects with companies with no CTO. We’re actually still working on some, helping them scale up. I’d recommend a look at one or two examples. And as always, your thoughts and comments are welcome!

Infographic. Why a product owner is better than a CTO?