Project Management: Tips for Ongoing Projects

Project management tips for ongoing projects

We’ve already covered project management tips for starting off, or how to best prepare for project kick-off. Once all the items have been checked off the list, you can get the ball rolling. However, the project manager’s work will continue for weeks — even months. Here’s what a good PM should keep an eye on.

Our second project management tips checklist should help you deal with the regular issues you’ll face as a PM. Alternatively, if you’re viewing this from the other side — this is what you should expect as a client. We’ve actually touched upon some of these issues in our previous checklist. For instance, we suggested that you establish reporting rules early on. Reporting remains an important matter in your weekly and monthly checklist. If reporting is handled well, both parties will be prepared for meetings, and will know what information is needed at a particular moment. Smooth communication and great contact with the client and transparency are very important. We’re fully agile, so transparency is a natural piece in the PM puzzle for us.

Don’t forget about your team! They might have holiday plans, and these should be accounted for in advance. Remember to ask about team morale. Is there anything in the project that’s causing the team members to be unhappy and frustrated? What is it? It’s also good form to know.

If there’s anything you’d like to read about, let us know in the comments!

Project management tips for ongoing projects

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