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We can do better: on developers and domain models

With every new project, we developers often try hard to avoid previous mistakes, and we do our best to implement[...]

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[Infographic] Big Data Benefits For Smaller Businesses

Big Data is a hot topic, but less frequently mentioned in relation to small and medium businesses. The times are[...]

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Time is Money – Web Application Performance for Business Success

Web application performance has a specific business value, and yet some sites and apps run so slowly it's painful. See[...]

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'You've Got To Fail': Startup Advice From Silicon Valley Investor

5 pieces of startup advice from investor and CTO Martin Frid-Nielsen, who's been part of all major tech breakthroughs in[...]

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Web Summit 2015 Impressions

To call Web Summit just a ‘technology conference' would be like calling the Sahara a sandbox. You can only imagine[...]

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Our insights from the Oslo Innovation Week

The first seminar on Monday morning focused on innovation, and was kicked off with an important question: is capital deficiency[...]

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