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[Infographic] Big Data Benefits For Smaller Businesses

Big Data is a hot topic, but less frequently mentioned in relation to small and medium businesses. The times are[...]

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Big Data technologies at Confitura conference

Confitura is an example of why don't need to attend expensive conferences to hear about the latest Big Data technologies.[...]

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GeeCON 2016: Big Data Inspirations

Geecon isn’t only a Java event. It's also a great place for Big Data enthusiasts. So, what's cool in the[...]

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Azure Machine Learning: Predicting the Future Without Code

Whether you're struggling with Spark or not coding at all, Azure Machine Learning might just be the thing to check[...]

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Scalar: Highlights From One of Europe's Top Scala Conferences

I recently attended Scalar, one of the best Scala conferences in this part of the world. Here's the talk that[...]

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Geecon 2015

Every year Espeo"s team visits GeeCON. We always want to be up to date with the latest trends in Java.[...]

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