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mobile application development

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Focus on design & functionality

We’re a mobile app development company. We create mobile applications for iOS, Android and native platforms. We care deeply about perfecting both the visual and the functional aspect of every mobile application. We work hard to develop compelling mobile applications that provide lasting value to our customers. Our understanding of mobile-based technology empowers us to bring the highest level expertise to your company.

We have deep domain expertise in mobile app development:






with 2yrs+ lifespan

What our clients say

At every stage of the project, it was demonstrated that Espeo doesn’t only focus on programming but also works to become a trusted consultant, one that doesn’t hesitate to suggest better solutions.
CEO, Eximap (Finland)
We could not have picked a better web builder. They are always available - I found it valuable to talk directly to the team. Can’t find anybody better in the industry!
CEO, Dreams.Build (USA)
I'm able to collaborate with them in ways that would have been impossible with other firms I've worked with outside of Finland. I liked the fact that they responded very quickly to any questions or concerns I had. When I sent a request or a task, I saw the progress and I knew it will be done within the time period I wanted.
Team Manager, Solita (Finland)
From start to finish, everything from communication to quality to levels of feedback was flawless. It's clear they think about these projects on a level beyond what we saw with some of the other firms we tested out.
Founder, Outsearching (Norway)
Espeo successfully implemented agile methodology to manage a 20-person development team and representatives from other agencies that were involved in the project. Their professionalism was unrivaled.
Sales Development Representative,
Oracle (project for Polish Police)

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Espeo Software is an iOS app development company. The exponential popularity of Apple solutions has made iOS the default choice for developers designing mobile applications for business. The iOS operating system, developed by Apple for mobile devices, iPhone and iPad, was meant to be closed-source software.
Due to the popularity of Apple’s mobile devices and the stability of a UNIX-based architecture, iOS is a good solution for commercial mobile app development. Our developers have created many iOS mobile applications utilizing native APIs and application frameworks. We deliver both front-end applications and back-end services. As experts in iOS app development, we know that choosing the right approach and technologies should be the first step. That’s why we’re also known for great consulting and advising sessions.


As a mobile app development company with more than 8 years of market experience, we’ve gathered vast expertise in Android app development. We deliver Android applications with a strong focus on usability, outstanding and UX optimized design and integration with a company’s internal software solutions.
Created as an open system, Android has become hugely popular as a platform that can integrate its applications into corporate systems. Android makes it possible to freely implement custom solutions and final versions of mobile applications on multiple devices with varying performance levels. Our developers, who are highly experienced in Android app development, consider it as one of the best platforms for commercial applications. It’s appreciated for its openness and access to the entire source code used.