Boost your digital project with the help of a Delivery Manager

Boost your digital project with the help of a Delivery Manager

Written by: Tomasz Liberski, Service Delivery Director

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At Espeo Software, we take pride in being better and always staying on top of the wave. We make no exceptions when it comes to our internal processes which are carefully designed to support the success of our clients.

Companies are often concerned that when working with an outsourcing model, lack of communication can easily lead to problems in a project and eventually raise the development costs and in some cases lead into a project shutdown. At Espeo Software, transparent and clear communication has been our cornerstone for a long time. We are constantly looking for solutions to be better and to create teams that are fully satisfied and work seamlessly together.

So, how can the Delivery Manager change the course of your project?

Delivery Manager leads the teams and digital projects by using traditional and agile methodologies and is the main point of contact to our clients. As mentioned earlier, transparency and open communication are key to success when working with the outsourcing model. With Delivery Manager on board, communication comes even easier than before and the possibility of misunderstandings within the project is minimized.

Delivery Manager’s purpose is also to ensure that the correct procedures are in place to support service delivery while maintaining high performance levels and meeting client expectations. This means that, for instance, the Delivery Manager takes the ownership of risk management of critical incidents and establishes a clear communication.

The role is primarily focused on the client’s needs. The Delivery Manager is, therefore, flexible and has a broad skill set that will enable him or her to not only lead a project, but also manage and adjust it in accordance with client requirements and industry best practices over time. In this way, the Delivery Manager becomes a business advisor who is able to align the project with the needs and expectations of both the client and team.

Additionally, this position requires excellent understanding of agile development principles as they are used by the Delivery Manager to ensure everyone on the team is focused and the client is satisfied, so that the project can continue to move forward successfully.

By onboarding new project members, team leadership, staff recruitment, performance assessment, training, and mentoring, the project team stays motivated while bringing the most recent knowledge available for our clients.

High level project performance monitoring to ensure project quality

Providing accurate and regular reports to the client’s management team on performance of the service delivery and time spent on working on the project, helps them to stay on top of their project and ensures that the deliveries are completed on time and to an agreed standard.

Delivery Manager also coordinates technical leadership with Espeo senior developers and architects as well as manages code reviews by other Espeo developers. This way we ensure that all technical standards are followed.

All this comes down to client satisfaction. Delivery Manager develops a deep understanding of the project and gains a lot of insights of the scope of the delivery and is able to help our clients to achieve their project objectives.

How do project teams benefit from the new structure?

Our developers are top-class specialists. Where is it coming from? Our team is characterized by high efficiency and innovation. It is crucial for employees that the organization of work and project structures are transparent and that they support the effectiveness of their work. After all, professionalism and expertise are the pillars of our teams. With the introduction of the new project structure, due attention was given to work efficiency and employee comfort.

The change involves more relevant diversification of team support – project organization for Delivery Managers and Technical Development for Tech Lead. Thanks to this, the organization of projects is more reliable and focused in the hands of experienced managers, known and appreciated by both employees and clients. The aspect of technological development remains in the hands of technology leaders who direct our employees to develop in selected areas.

We are proud to grow and develop. Therefore, we are sure that this structural improvement allows us to offer the best services to you as our partner as well as create an inspiring working environment for our Crew.

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