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Takeaways from the recent HETT show and Healthcare Unblocked

Since Espeo Software is quite active in healthcare technology projects, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to see what’s trending on[...]

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Medtech Oasis: Emerging healthcare trends in UAE

IoMT, blockchain, AI - read more about the chances and challenges for the healthcare sector in the UAE

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Ways smart tech can help the UAE medical tourism sector

Think medical tourism hotspots and Central America and Southeast Asia come to mind. This success, however, has attracted competition. The[...]

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Digitizing doctors notes: Inscripta is leading the way in medtech innovation

Transcribing patient notes is a very labor-intensive process. Hospital districts in Finland, where medtech firm Inscripta is based, hire hordes[...]

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Health Wearables Can Help Patients Save Money

From medical-grade devices to fitness trackers, health wearables can offer solutions that meet real needs - chronic illness management, rehabilitation[...]

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2016: A Bright Future For Digital Health Wearables

With consumers taking health matters into their own hands, 2016 looks to be a disruptive year for healthcare-focused wearables, the[...]

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