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Work: is it really only about skills?

What can we learn at a workplace? I’ve recently asked several people what they have learned at their jobs. No[...]

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What Makes a Great Code Review

Think of code review as an investment - it easily pays off for the product and the people working on[...]

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How was 2016 for Espeo?

We're already looking ahead to all the new things we're about to do in 2017, and we're really excited. The[...]

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9 Signs You’re Working With the Wrong Nearshoring Dev Partner

Over the years, we’ve heard our fair share of nearshoring horror stories. Here are a few.

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The State of Agile: A Case Study of… Ourselves

With the recent State of Agile survey closing November 6th, we decided to take a look at our agile practices[...]

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Espeo BHAG, Episode 2: “Success Through Balance”

Work-life balance is one of the modish buzzwords of today. The assumption behind this idea is the employee’s fulfillment in[...]

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