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Onboarding: when the first impression means everything

Written by: Adrianna Nowaczyk, HR Manager

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Years of experience have shown us how crucial are the first months of an employee in an organization. It determines what will be the employee’s career path in our company.

Onboarding is a well-known term for an employee introduction in most modern organizations. For one employer, it means the first day at a new company. So, they got the tools needed to work and the basic knowledge to step into their responsibilities.

Some employers give the employee a week or two to acclimate to their new roles and responsibilities. At Espeo Software, we have decided to go a step further. Although, we give the employee a comprehensive process of getting to know the company’s culture and natural career planning.

In the following article, you will get to know:

  1. The power of building relationships
  2. Onboarding as a process, not a single day
  3. Development and learning? We’ve got it!
  4. Summary

The power of building relationships 

Building good relationships with new employees is a part of Espeo’s values. The process starts as early as signing the contract and planning the start of work. Thanks to our flexibility, we are ready to offer the employee the most convenient start day, the operating system of their choice. What else, we deliver the whole set of gadgets and tools that will help them at the beginning of their adventure with Espeo. The aim is to make them feel appreciated and warmly welcomed.

In order to feel the atmosphere of the organization, we invite new employees to our main office in Poznań (Poland). Therefore, they can start working with the whole team, explore a new the city, and integrate with a team.

Do we really need soft skills as IT professionals?
Onboarding process at Espeo Software

Onboarding as a process, not a single day 

From the beginning of working at Espeo, each employee gets support from their Delivery Manager and dedicated Buddy. So, Buddy is usually a member of the same project team or a person working in the same technology. Thanks to the informal relationship between a new hire and Buddy, we have a chance to build a relationship based on friendship and ask questions without stress.

The first day is a time to meet with the leader, discuss the hiring process, and do some initial goal planning. At Espeo, we have designed a dedicated evaluation tool! Thanks to competence matrices, each employee impacts their development direction. Also, it allows identifying areas to improve and calculating the salary.

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Development and learning? We’ve got it!

We don’t wait until the end of probation to invest in our employees. We know how important it is to support the continuous competencies development of our Crew. Therefore, our employees have a chance to participate in dedicated language classes and take care of their health and fitness from the first days of work.

Also, each Freshman at Espeo has unlimited development opportunities and participation in external meetups and conferences. We believe in the value of personal branding. For that reason, we want our colleagues to grow and share their knowledge as speakers at internal Lightning Talks.

Training session
Knowledge sharing at Espeo Software

Development budgets are available from the start of your career at Espeo. A separate amount is to be used during the trial period and more than double the amount after three months. So, you can go to training, buy books, or access online training platforms. 


Summarizing, the employees are the ultimate value of our organization. Therefore, we pay special attention to the introduction and training of team members. Building lasting relationships with new employees has become even more critical during the transition to the remote working. Consequently, rich and comprehensive onboarding process allows us to get to know new people better, find their potential, and make a great cultural fit with the organization. 

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