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A Glance at the Apple Watch: Nanotasking to smartwatch gaming

In December, I attended Glance Conference in San Francisco, an event focused solely on the Apple Watch and its future[...]

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Wearable Tech in 2015: Big Themes and Their Business Impact

From a business perspective, both successes and failures in the smart device industry can be a learning experience. So, what[...]

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A wearable future is just around the corner (infographic)

Our infographic on the future of wearables and the smart device business, featuring (among other data) the results of our[...]

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Defining Success in the Wearable Tech Market: Report

If there’s one thing our report shows best, it’s that much potential lies in wearable tech - but for businesses[...]

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Apple Watch-ing: Why wearables and their apps are worth it

With a market estimated to be valued at $12.6 billion by the time 2018's over, wearables appear to be here[...]

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Say Wristly, think Apple Watch apps!

Wristly, the biggest independent research company for Apple Watch, has just entrusted us with the creation of an innovative project[...]

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