A wearable future is just around the corner (infographic)

We’ve recently conducted a survey among entrepreneurs and businesses in the wearable tech industry, and asked them what they thought about the future of wearables.

We’ve combined our numbers with the findings from a report by PwC and presented data on the impact of the wearable industry on health and entertainment – as well as the workplace. Many employers are seeing the benefits of outfitting workers with devices like the Apple Watch or dedicated trackers. The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend is also gaining popularity.

What’s more, we discovered that 90% of those surveyed state that in the next three years, the number of startups will be on the rise. Clearly, there’s potential in wearables. The majority also consider connections and familiarity with the client profile as the prerequisite for success. We’ve written about the target groups for smartwatch apps in our report. We covered much more predictions, tips and market opportunities – so be sure to check it out at wearables.espeo.eu

Wearables infographic
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