Now or never: digital transformation for uncertain times

Now or never: digital transformation for uncertain times

Written by: Mateusz Małys

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Until recently many companies were just thinking about digital transformation, few had a plan for digital transformation training. Right now, in order to adapt to the current global situation, organizations have to speed up those efforts. Many are slow to change, but now is the time for decisive action as businesses face a very real threat of being left out and replaced. 

A changing environment

We’re witnessing unprecedented change and disruption on a  global scale. Many have already experienced it in practice. As the COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to go fully remote, jobs that could go remote did. Even jobs that many thought were impossible to conduct remotely now are. The way we work, communicate, spend our free time or learn has all changed drastically. Of course, those are only half measures, put up in place only to prevent drastic measures.
Real digital transformation is much more than that. It’s a complex and ongoing process, one that defines and develops new ways of work. This includes cultural and organizational changes through the smart integration of digital technologies and processes to create value. Digital transformation training can focus those goals. 
There are many opportunities created by the rapidly changing world and new technologies, but organizations that don’t pursue transformation in a multidimensional way may lose their chances to grow from digital transformation.
This transition doesn’t need to be scary or overwhelming. It won’t be a simple to-do list, but a mindset shift of everyone in the organization. There are a couple of different areas to address digital transformation. Having this list can guide you through this transition.

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Digital transformation in business refers to the use of new technologies to transform traditional ways organizations conduct their businesses. Many companies in more traditional areas of markets are pursuing new and innovative ways of how value is generated in the industries. For example, Uber changed the business model of the entire taxi market — all without owning a single taxi cab! 


With new technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data and others, companies are searching for new ways to reinvent their processes. New opportunities in process optimization allow them to create significant value opportunities. 


Market transformation refers to organizations providing the new products and services provided beyond their currently served areas. Through the use of new technologies more and more companies blur the boundaries between industries and create new opportunities for growth. The best example of how domain transformation looks and works is Amazon, which built a company focused on its retail platform but moved to new markets with an ecosystem of products such as Kindle (e-publishing) and services like AWS (servers and related services).
These additional angles to expand an existing business into is part of what digital transformation training strives to discover.


To be truly successful in digital transformation, your organization needs to break down its individual foundations. Doing so enables careful analysis of the ways to introduce new and improved management and information transfer. Your company never used a CRM to manage its projects? Maybe it should!


When you have individual organization silos before you, ask yourself a question. How well do those individual pieces talk with each other? Is communication fast and fluid? Could automating all or part of it help?
There are many more areas that could be addressed and improved in your organization’s efforts of digital transformation, those were just to kickstart that change in your approach to the topic.

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Education Alliance Finland success story

At Espeo Software we are helping and helped many companies with their journey of digital transformation. One of them was Education Alliance Finland, a Finnish educational startup that developed an educational quality certificate for learning apps. With the Kokoa app, users can discover the best apps for education and learning.
Education Alliance Finland initiated the project because they wanted to improve their main business process — the creation of evaluations of edtech projects. Before the Kokoa Elevate tool was built, evaluators had to prepare evaluations manually, which was a very time consuming and error-prone process. The idea behind the project was to implement a tool that will facilitate the creation of evaluations by introducing a wizard-like web-based application.
Espeo was fully responsible for the technical side of the project. We proposed how to design the architecture and suggested they use the Google Slides API, which was a great choice and allowed Education Alliance Finland to reuse the evaluation resources they had been using before the project was even started. Espeo team took care of both front-end and back-end development. We built a complex web-based evaluation tool that follows a scientifically proven method in every aspect of the reviewing process. We also developed the Education Alliance Finland’s website along with a product catalog. In addition to programming, we lead the testing efforts. At the moment, Kokoa Elevate is in the production mode and Espeo is taking care of the maintenance of the platform.

Digital transformation training workshops

At Espeo Software we can help your organization with digital transformation training. Especially now, in this time of uncertainty and rapid changes, we are offering one of a kind online consultancy that aims to kickstart whatever initiative you have in mind for your company, product or service.

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