6 blockchain podcasts to get you through quarantine

What better way to get through self-isolation than binge listen to a bunch of blockchain podcasts? For many across the world, quarantine orders are keeping people holed up in their homes — myself included. If anything, it’s giving us all a lot of time to take stock, slow down — and for me at least — catch up on the latest news and opinions from cryptoland.

One of the best ways I learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency is through podcasts. Getting a range of views can offer a valuable glimpse into this rapidly-evolving industry. It’s also a great source of inspiration. Podcasting is a great medium for several reasons, but especially because you can listen in and do something else. Here’s my curated list of essential blockchain (and blockchain adjacent) podcasts to keep you company. 

By the time the virus passes, you’ll hopefully come away with a fresh look at the blockchain sphere from these influential podcasters. While researching this piece, I chose current and active blockchain podcasts as of March 2020. I also picked those that are not overtly promotional and those that strive for clarity. For an industry that claims transparency as a core value, it often isn’t. It can also be difficult to weed through conflicts of interest, but these podcasts come close in my view. Fresh, critical takes are essential as the blockchain industry evolves and these come close in my view. 

If you have others to recommend, let us know in the comments below!

Blockchain podcasts

Blockchain won’t save the world

First on the list is a podcast hosted by Anthony Day, blockchain partner at IBM. This is a great podcast to listen to to get a better understanding of enterprise applications of the technology. Several of the episodes offer a lucid look at network design and digital transformation by way of blockchain. While Day focuses on private, permission blockchains — and especially IBM projects — he does remain fairly neutral and balanced.

One of the underlying themes is that blockchain technology may not be the best technology to apply to a specific business case, and the show has leaders from the industry on to ground the technical talk in real business cases.

On the Brink

I would be remiss to include a podcast on private blockchains and not on public ones as well. On the Brink centers on public blockchains — especially Bitcoin and the implications this technology will have on the world. Matt Walsh and Nic Carter of Castle Island Ventures talk about the philosophy and ethics of public blockchains. The duo interview founders and developers and delve into larger conversations on how public blockchains will shape the future.


Laura Shin hosts the unchained podcast, one of the best-known blockchain podcasts out there. Every week, Shin interviews startup founders and blockchain thought leaders. She goes in-depth on topics ranging from blockchain governance to privacy, to larger discussions about blockchain innovation.


Like Unchained, Unconfirmed is also hosted by Laura Shin. Unconfirmed, though focuses on news headlines and updates from the blockchain sphere. It’s a great weekly roundup of breaking news and punditry.

The Breakdown 

Host Nathaniel Whittmore streams this daily recap of news and opinion. His themes range from decentralized finance into cryptocurrency and blockchain adjacent topics such as central bank digital currencies. It’s a good barometer for the sentiment in the crypto community and a great place to learn about new topics.

The Bad Crypto Podcast

If you’re more interested in cryptocurrencies, The Bad Crypto Podcast is an approachable show where hosts Joel Comm and Travis Wright chat about blockchain and blockchain adjacent topics. It’s great for beginners and they offer interesting takes on some of the latest news in crypto.

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