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5 vital traits of a great product owner (from the dev team perspective)

Ask ten project managers what the ideal product owner looks like, and you’ll get ten different answers. This vital role[...]

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Show me your Definition of Done & I’ll tell you who you are

Analyzing a company’s Definition of Done (DoD) can tell you a lot about their work ethic and what they put[...]

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Project Management: Tips for Ongoing Projects

An infographic with some great tried and tested project management tips for handling ongoing projects. If you tick all those,[...]

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Project Management Checklist: Before You Start

Our project management checklist is designed to help you start a software project just right - no pitfalls and problems[...]

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Software Team Efficiency: Team Velocity

We'll start our unonfficial 'software team efficiency series' with a closer look at team velocity: an agile concept that allows[...]

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The State of Agile: A Case Study of… Ourselves

With the recent State of Agile survey closing November 6th, we decided to take a look at our agile practices[...]

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