Software Development Outsourcing Success Stories

Software Development Outsourcing Success Stories

Hiring an in-house team of developers is easier said than done. As competition for top talent increases so too does the time and cost to recruit. In this fast-paced environment, technology needs often change faster than a recruitment cycle. As companies shop around for outsourcing partners, cutting costs is one major consideration. While cutting costs is important, making sure the team you choose works well together is also essential.

Pick a team with a competitive advantage — one that adapts to the needs of the project as it unfolds. This is not only faster but more cost-effective. But how do you know you’re making the right decision? Too many software houses in the world lack the creativity to fully engage with their clients’ ideas, or the time management skills to deliver on time. While cost is important, consider some of the other aspects development teams have to offer. They can deliver far more value for the money.

In this post, I’ll present outsourcing success stories. I’ll also dive into some of the software challenges facing companies and why they choose us to solve them. External threats, rapidly shifting technology trends, and the pressure to launch ahead of competitors are a few of the challenges facing the industry.

Outsourcing Success Stories

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The Guardian Soulmates

The Guardian Soulmates

External threats can sometimes drastically increase the workload of internal teams. Regulations and shifts in policy can impose unrealistic deadlines on businesses and this can reduce morale. Take one of our clients as an example. The team at The Guardian Soulmates online dating site came to us with an urgent deadline. Competition for top development talent is fierce in London and many of the Guardian’s internal team left to work for the tech giants moving to the city such as Google.

But GDPR compliance still loomed in May 2018. A previous outsourcing company had been sloppy about security and opaque about its development team. Out of this chaos, Espeo offered a different model — one of transparency and open honest communication. It was ultimately our portfolio that sold the Guardian on us, but our working style has kept them happy, long-term clients.

Soulmates uses personal data to match single people effectively. The consequences of leaking any of this data under GDPR could ruin the platform’s reputation. Our team of developers worked with their team to make sure everything was compliant.

In addition to GDPR, Espeo developers also created an android application since most end users interact on mobile devices. Our track record of good performance led the Guardian team to come back to us for more features.



Despite having a great team of developers, sometimes the march of innovation outpaces the time it takes to train an existing team, or hire a new one. Pressure to get a product to market ahead of the competition is strong. Updating an existing hardware system with shiny new software is another common reason companies seek out outsourcing partners.

Finnish company Ensto produces charging stations for electric vehicles. The company needed some updated software for an existing hardware system. Our team developed a new admin panel for Ensto’s clients who buy the stations and want to track usage. We built a modern and visually appealing backend for them.

Once the product launched and after some positive feedback from their clients, the company came back to us looking to add more features as the development process unfolded. We started with a small set of functionalities but as they used it, but they found they needed more. The project was initially supposed to last a few months now it’s ongoing. Our team continues to deliver features using the newest technologies and strategies to make good use of them.

Our team of developers delivered expertise in the latest trends and technology where Ensto needed it the most. The measure of success is that we delivered what they wanted and our cooperation is ongoing.

Of course, they also must have saved a lot of money and time. They had a good product but they didn’t have supporting software to make a good impression overall for their clients. They produced modern hardware but needed a team of experts to craft modern software. When the client sees the savings in cooperation with us when they see the ROI but expressed in saving time and money. For Ensto, the time to market was more crucial. They needed to act fast and that’s why they require support from companies like us.

Store me


Sometimes testing an idea before you go all in is a vital first step to launching a great product. To test if the business model works and if there’s a real need in the market many startups launch MVPs. To do this in the quickest and most cost-effective way is one reason to seek out great outsourcing partners. Of course, entrepreneurs are great at coming up with ideas, but pinning down the best way to do it can be overwhelming. Hiring technical experts with experience in both advising and implementing custom software solutions is a great way to stretch a budget.

Another client of ours, StoreMe is an application that helps travelers find a place to store luggage at trusted points when they’ve only got a few hours to kill. The app shows vetted locations to leave heavy bags for short periods.

Our team took the concept and delivered a seamless application currently running in major cities across the US.


Outsourcing Success Stories – Conclusion

Many of the startups and established companies we’ve worked with needed to quickly fill a gap and ease frictions. Whether that was creating an MVP to test on the market, making sure an existing platform protects data or providing technical expertise, our outsourcing success stories set us apart. Our clients continue to come back to us for more features as end-users need more features or when a new technology emerges.

As the products evolve and development unfolds, having an agile team of developers and technical experts to jump in and face new challenges is one of the biggest advantages. The savings in both time and money make hiring the right team critical. Choose a reliable team that gets the work done.

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