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nearshore and offshore software development

We will bring, quality and cost-effectiveness to your projects

We know what you're struggling with

We're software development company for mobile & web applications. Born in Finland, with a development center in Poland and offices in Helsinki, San Francisco, and Poznan, Espeo Software has built a global outreach to be close to its customers and available in each time-zone.

HR problems: the
challenge of recruiting
(and keeping!) a high-
quality workforce

Technologies that
aren't necessarily
ideal for your

Lack of procedures
to help you efficiently
deliver new

Software outsourcing

Our nearshore and offshore outsourcing services combine the talents of our top-notch developers with sound business domain knowledge. We use the latest development technologies and methodologies to bring excellence, quality and cost-effectiveness to our projects.
We work as an offshore software development company for our US clients and as a nearshore software development partner mostly for UK and Nordic enterprises.

Why choose Poland as a software development center?

EU member

Direct flight
connections to all major
European cities

Common cultural

Talent pool and

We work as a software outsourcing company for various domains and industries.

This is why we maintain and develop teams in a wide range of technologies: to offer the best options for client-specific needs.


We build dedicated outsourcing software development teams for both complex and medium-scale projects.

We offer two models of cooperation as a nearshore or offshore software development partner.

Staff augmentation Custom solutions
  • Manpower scalability
  • Access to vast pool of talented resources
  • Made-to-order software
  • Defined objectives, scopes, budget and timelines
  • Client-side project
  • Management of delivery
    and risks on ESPEO side
  • Complete teams
    or individuals
  • Complete software solution

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