Good reasons not to skimp on QA testing

Good reasons not to skimp on QA testing

Software bugs are an inherent part of the software development process. They’re never meant to be there, but, the reality of it is that they always are. Since the first very real bug that crawled into an early computer and crashed it, till now, these pesky problems are expensive to fix once they’ve unleashed havoc. A tester’s job is to find these bugs before the program goes live and end-users get their hands on it.

Of course, it’s not a result of sloppy programming or low development skills. Even the biggest software development companies accept this. Apple, Google, Netflix, Facebook or Intel admit that they have bugs in their software written by some of the best developers on the planet. These tech giants have special bug bounty programs, open to any external bug hunters, with a hefty reward system.

Skipping QA testing and allowing these bugs to escape can damage your reputation or can be very costly to fix later. In this free downloadable e-book, veteran QA tester Bartosz Kuczyński examines the role testing plays in software development in web and mobile app development.

In this report, you’ll learn more about the return on investment for testing services and the main reasons why not to skimp on it.

    Good reasons not to skimp on QA testing

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