eScop an R&D project at the Artemis & Itea Co-Summit 2015 in Berlin

eScop an R&D project at the Artemis & Itea Co-Summit 2015 in Berlin

Industrial Internet: A Facilitator for Knowledge-Driven Manufacturing

The eScop – our R&D project on ARTEMIS & ITEA Co-Summit 2015 Germany, Berlin, 10-11th March 2015 Manufacturing and processing are the top industries to contribute to European economic growth, underpinning all economic activity. The industrial internet is arguably the biggest driver of productivity and growth in the next decade and is likely to reinvent sectors that account for almost two-thirds of world output. This integration of internet-based technology and the global industrial system is just starting and new innovations are emerging.

The eScop – embedded systems for Service-based control of Open manufacturing and process Automation, project is present at the Artemis & Itea Co-Summit 2015 event in Berlin. The project is implemented by a consortium of 4 universities and 4 companies, icluding Espeo Software from 4 European countries – Poland, Finland, Czech Republic, Italy. The project also hosts a speakers´ corner with a theme “Industrial Internet: A Facilitator for Knowledge-Driven Manufacturing”. During the session, the approach of eScop-project will be presented – the system architecture and engineering concept for intelligent automation system, knowledge-driven runtime reconfigurability and knowledge modelling will be introduced. Especial emphasis will be paid to the role of internet and web standards as main facilitators.

The approach of eScop will also be shown in the Co-Summit 2015 exhibition area. At the booth the architecture and key concepts employed in the project are presented. The web service-enabled devices to control factory shop floor equipment developed in the project are represented and their integration with a visualization system is demonstrated in live. Demonstrated visualization solution will be driven by the knowledge about system configuration and status provided by the representation components of eScop architecture. The visitors of the booth have possibility to interact with the copy of knowledge representation from their mobile devices. In addition, the video of industrial prototype featuring orchestration of manufacturing services is shown to the public. Espeo Software has designed and programmed orchestration’s engine.

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