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Finding time to writing down your thoughts and ideas can pose a real problem in our fast-paced, information overloaded environment. That’s exactly why many people who are constantly working against the clock, often develop a habit to dictate their thoughts amidst meetings. That’s exactly where Inscripta comes in.

healthcare technology Java Kotlin Swift Android iOS React Native Dagger Retroifit GreenDao FingerprintAuth Picasso Objective-C

Business challenges

The idea behind the project is to use dictation, as the quickest and easiest form of saving thoughts, and then deliver a transcribed version for the users to store and review without fuss.

Technology challenges

The iOS app was created with a mixture of Swift and Objective-C in order to utilize the benefits of both technologies. The data is stored using Apple’s Core Data framework, and also a sophisticated voice visualisation scheme was implemented. The Android app was equally challenging. In order to achieve the desired effect, including sound visualisation and fingerprint authentication, we had to employ Java and many of the most popular libraries, such as Retrofit, Dagger, GreenDao, FingerprintAuth, Picasso. The app’s design is a very good example of the MVP and it’s extensive set of tests were prepared using Kotlin.

Project goal

As mobility is the key to the idea behind the project, we were tasked with developing two modern, native mobile apps: iOS app and Android app.

Services provided

With iOS we're continuing from the point where we are at the moment adding new features and testing functions. With Android development we proposed the following technologies:
• MVP achitecture — Most popular in Android;
• Retrofit — Most popular to API request;
• Firebase Messaging — For notification, supported by Google;
• Crashlytics — For reporting bugs.


We delivered


Software development

Agile project management

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