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Legacy tech can stunt any business. Implementing the right tech solutions will drive efficiency and boost growth. Scaling up can be a challenge for enterprises — especially ones that handle more and more data. Sopimustieto is a leading Finnish web platform that facilitates electronic signatures and archives work documents. The company needed help managing more documents as it grew and needed innovative cloud solutions to do it.


Setting up modern cloud solutions

Sopimustieto enables users to send and receive documents with electronic signatures and for businesses to store files related to employment and client relations. This takes a lot of storage space and cloud solutions are great options.

A cloud migration allowed Sopimustieto to expand and grow, adapting quickly to the needs of end-users.

Scaling up a company takes some careful planning mindful architectural design. Done right, it will unlock growth and shore up profits for your growing business.

Our role

Boost efficiency with flexible cloud integration

Espeo developers implemented Kubernetes on AWS for its ability to efficiently handle large quantities of data. Before, the company was hosted on Kontena, but user demand made it necessary to find better cloud solutions. Espeo developers set up a Kubernetes instance, integrated with Azure AD, and migrated the data from the legacy system.






Room to grow with better tech infrastructure

As more and more of our professional lives move online, technology has to keep up with the times.
Electronic signatures and filing systems have to grow along with user demand. Storing all this information securely — and being able to retrieve it takes careful architecture planning and expert implementation. Growing the wrong way can stunt further growth, but with the right team in place, scaling up will set your company on the right path. In the end, the system handles electronic signatures and work documents much more efficiently than before.
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