Our recruitment process

Step 1: Let’s meet!

Once we get your C.V., we’ll take a look and schedule a brief video call. During this conversation, you can learn more about the company and your role. It’s also for us to learn more about you and talk about your expectations. We make sure the conversation is concrete but also very informal and friendly.

Step 2: Technical interview

This step is a video call with one of our technical experts. We assess your technical knowledge and experience needed for the open position by discussing or solving some real problems.
Step 3: Leaders interview

The last stage of the recruitment process at Espeo is an interview with one of our leaders. If possible, we try to meet in person to get to know you better. We discuss your experience of working with clients, your successes and problems you challenged.

Once finished, we need a maximum of seven days to decide on cooperation.
We try to get back to our candidates with feedback as soon as possible.
Recruitment & Career Path - Espeo Software


Can I work remotely and how often?

We’re flexible with remote work, but you should be ready to join team meetings and client meetings in person from time to time. If you prefer to work in the office, our doors are always open for you!

What types of employment do you offer?

You’re free to choose between a B2B contract, a civil contract (in Poland, if you’re a student under 26), or a full employment contract.

Who are team leaders at Espeo?

Team leaders are senior specialists who embody the company’s values and help develop well-being among Espeo employees. Leaders take care of our people’s growth and provide them with assistance in cooperating smoothly with our clients. You can always go to your leader with your concerns or suggestions and ideas to improve our company operations. You can meet leaders during our recruitment process during an interview and ask them additional questions about Espeo.

What is the training budget?

Once you finish your trial period, you can use your conference budget. This is for you to develop yourself and broaden your knowledge. Your team leader can help you choose courses to develop your skills.

How can I prepare for your recruitment process?

Before you apply, you should know that we don’t need you to know everything about us by heart. We take our time to tell you about our story during the initial interview. We usually proceed with the Google Meet interviews, so please prepare your working space and have your camera and mic turned on. You’re also more than welcome to come into the office.
Relax and show us your true self. We want to get to know you, your story and aspirations, and see what we can offer you as our future Espeo team member!

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