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We can’t wait to see you joining EspeoCrew! Close cooperation and team integration are crucial to us. Therefore, we are always happy to support you and your family in the relocation process.

Relocate to enjoy the benefits of working within a top software house, and interacting with new cultures and people. Our Relocation program gives you the chance to live and work in a different country or different city. You will explore new places, broaden your experience, learn new skills, and establish your network.

Why the city of Poznan? It is the center of Espeocrew’s life and our main office where we organize many events.

Espeo Software Relocation to Poznań

Relocation package

How we support your relocation

First, if you come from a different country than Poland, we manage for you and your family individual support. It consists of travel, visa procedure, insurance, accommodation, etc. During the recruitment process, our recruiter will answer all your questions. After the successful recruitment, we will provide you with individual support. Don’t worry! We know that is a challenging process, and we are happy to support you. 

Second, we offer to everyone who would like to move to Poznan (Poland), an additional financial bonus of 6000 PLN / 1350 EUR.

Seamless formalitties

We will help you with documentation required when moving (like bank account, health insurance, visa, immigration paperwork etc.).

Financial bonus

We offer to everyone who would like to move to Poznan, an additional financial bonus of 6000 PLN / 1350 EUR. It’s flexible to use, suiting your needs.

Easy accommodation

Struggling with finding accommodation? No problem, we will help you with all flat rental matters for your stay.


We are looking for talented people
from Eastern Europe

“When it comes to Poznań in particular, I really like the scale of the city – it’s not too big, not too small. You have everything you would expect from a city but not having to suffer from the consequences of living in a megapolis – like hours of commuting and overpriced rent.”
Aleksei Shcherbin
Aleksei Shcherbin
Blockchain Developer at Espeo Software

Who can apply for the recolation?

All residents from:
- other Polish cities
- Ukraine, Moldavia, Georgia, Armenia
- European Union

Espeo Relocation Details
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