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Why Your Startup Doesn't Need a CTO

Yes, that’s what we’re saying. Your startup really doesn’t need a CTO. We think a dedicated Product Owner + team[...]

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Startup Workshop: How to sell your business idea to your customers

We're joining our forces with The Shortcut to empower startups to begin their journey in business world!

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Why startups in Finland have their own hospital

Startups in Finland can't complain: there's a hospital just for them, a dedicated school - and a certain software house[...]

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How to Scale Your Startup for the Win

We've recently led great Arctic15 workshops on startup scaling. But why keep all the knowledge to ourselves and the Arctic[...]

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5 Hottest Upcoming Events for Promoting Your Startup

From TechCrunch Disrupt SF to Slush, here are our recommendations of upcoming events that can help put your startup on[...]

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Why Funded Startups Die

We’re guessing you’d rather see your business survive than post inspirational quotes and thank the world for ‘blessing you with[...]

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