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Female entrepreneurs: The Next Women worth investing in

Espeo headed over to Amsterdam to see the most promising female entrepreneurs pitch their startups. Here's how to win thousands[...]

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Out of the Garage: Startup Life Post-MVP

An MVP, a minimum viable product, is part of a strategy to see if your product has the potential to[...]

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MVP - Necessity is the Mother of Invention

A lot has been written about the benefits of using MVPs, even right here on this blog. Perhaps it’s time[...]

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Minimum Viable Product for Most Valuable Players

OK, this has probably happened to everyone at some point - you invested a lot of money or time in[...]

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My beliefs on time-material and why I don’t see it any other way

The toughest dilemma I’ve been dealing with over my past five years with a software consultancy house is “how do[...]

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