What you should know about the Stellar blockchain

Ever heard of the Stellar blockchain? If you’ve been paying attention to IBM’s moves in the crypto space , then you might have. In a nutshell, Stellar has a few perks that you might find interesting, and it can simplify a blockchain developer’s life. And we’d like to introduce you to the Stellar blockchain in the most practical way possible – through our workshops.

Stellar and business

Why use the Stellar Blockchain? We’ve got Ethereum, Neo, EOS, Hyperledger… why do we need anything else? Well, the Stellar blockchain is practically fitted to financial applications. That’s actually how its creators describe it – as a platform that connects banks and various payment systems. The cool thing about Stellar is that the exchange is built into the protocol itself, which lets you avoid the sky-high fees that come with getting listed on an exchange. As long as a bank or financial institution had tokenized a given currency, you can use it for your transactions. Stellar’s negligible transaction fees are definitely a big bonus.

Stellar blockchain and developers

Using Stellar for fintech applications – naturally, if you can pair it well with the needs and goals of a particular project – is many times easier than using Ethereum. So, it’s not surprising if devs pick Stellar as a better technological solution, because who wants to choose a complex tech cannon for a simple business shot? Here, the basis is easily auditable code and simple operations. We’re currently experimenting in using Stellar for commercial projects (lips are sealed for now).

Our Stellar workshop

Our Head of Blockchain (and blockchain training mentor) Marcin will guide the participants through the process of creating a Stellar blockchain token. He’ll also show how Stellar-based assets can work with external applications. For a slightly more detailed agenda, click here . The workshop is free and aimed at developers. You can sign up on the Espeo website using the form in the link provided. And don’t worry, there are no strings attached. We’ll try to upload some materials and info after the event. Stay tuned for more, as we’ll release some blog posts about Stellar blockchain soon!

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