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Measuring the effects of a digital transformation

Digital transformation is a tough term to pin down. Ask ten people what they think it means, and you’ll likely[...]

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Edtech gamification tips to boost your audience and keep them engaged

Edtech gamification improves engagement and learning outcomes for users. Here are some essential features your edtech app should have.

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Now or never: digital transformation for uncertain times

Digital transformation is more important now than ever. Finding ways to adapt and optimize your business is key to continued[...]

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Top causes of system downtime and how devops prepare to avert a crisis

These last few weeks have been a challenge for devops teams everywhere. For months everyone watched as the novel Covid-19[...]

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How to successfully organize remote teams and ensure productive cooperation

Now that anyone who can work from home is, organizing remote work can be a challenge. Here are our tips[...]

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Key technology challenges for payment gateway development in 2020

Payment gateway development is no easy task. As the payments industry continues to grow dynamically, companies need to think globally[...]

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