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Software outsourcing: Mightifier bets on technology to end isolation and bullying

Building web applications that matter is one of the biggest values for Espeo. Read more.

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Intelligent Payments Group success with Espeo Software

Intelligent Payments Group is one of Europe’s largest payment gateways. The platform operates under the EVO Payments umbrella, which acquired IPG in 2016. Since 2017, Espeo Software has worked alongside IPG to launch a flexible recurring payments module that went live in October 2019.

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5 fintech companies you should watch in 2020

Here's a list of some of the most promising fintech companies to watch in 2020

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CEO of TinyApp, Taina Mikkola on big edtech trends

Major edtech trends are changing early childhood education for the better. We sat down with TinyApp CEO Taina Mikkola to hear her thoughts on the industry.

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Digitizing doctors notes: Inscripta is leading the way in medtech innovation

Transcribing patient notes is a very labor-intensive process. Hospital districts in Finland, where medtech firm Inscripta is based, hire hordes of professional transcriptionists to work manually. With advances in voice recognition, it's easier and cheaper to transcribe medical records -- passing savings on to hospitals and patients alike. Our partner[...]

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What to expect from the Edtech market?

The market of educational technology is rapidly expanding with numerous apps appearing every day, but also the market quickly puts them to the test by allowing only the best ones to thrive and remain on the market. The fierce competition seeks assistance on the part of teachers, parents and, naturally,[...]

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